This is not a new thing, there are "hangers" like these on shops, and that is why I made this Instructable, I was looking for a way to store some bottles of wine and in a shop I came across with one metal tube with holes along it, so you can hang bottles by the bottleneck, it wold cost me 25€... Well thats simple, I can do it with wood i thought...

Step 1: Find the material

I had some pieces of wood stored that were leftovers from the floor, it's a very hard wood caled "Jatobá", but you can use any kind of wood or any other material that can stand the weight of the bottles.
You have to measure the thickness of the bottleneck so you can choose the right ring for the drilling tool (I dont know what is the correct name of the tool in english)
The measures I used where 3cm for the holes and 10cm between them
Nice idea, good way to recycle the round piece and, your wine should stay at room temp, not sure about the water heater placement.
Isn't wine supposed to be stored with the cork end down?
hi! the main Idea is to keep the cork from drying, avoiding air to enter in the bottle, so as long as the wine reaches it thats ok. I keep them horizontally and the label side up, so i can see if there are sediments. but the wine never lasts too long around here :D here are more acurate instructions http://www.wikihow.com/Store-Wine

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