Introduction: Wine Candle Deco

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Quick and easy deco with that empty wine bottle and a simple white candle.
Let you dining table cozy for that lovely dinner!

Step 1: What U Need...

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Drink that wine... save the bottle... grab a candle and light it up!

Step 2: Doing That....

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Get the stuff ready!
Light the candle and start to drop wax ...a lot....
When you feel good with the result, make sure to check if the candle fits the role... drop some more wax and put the candle there.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

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Get another lit candle and keep shaping as you wish!
Let the candle burn for a while and voila!
Superrrr EZ!!!!!


Arduineer (author)2017-01-21

ugly strange

dpiccine (author)Arduineer2017-01-24

yeah... just dont do it. ;)

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Bio: Just another man doing some DIY! :-D
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