Wine Case Stereo Tube Amplifier





Introduction: Wine Case Stereo Tube Amplifier

This is a class A, all tube amplifier that is based off of a 6SN7 preamp tube and a 6V6 power tube. It was a fun project, but it's not very practical. The sound is no where near as good as my solid state chipamp, which was half the price as the tube amp. The tubes look really cool though. There is something about retro obsolete electronics that is interesting.

This amplifier was built from a schematic found at before the website blew up, I'll post a link to the schematic when they come back up. 



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    Nice to see this information. Thanks!
    You wrote: ´The sound is no where near as good as my solid state chipamp´.
    What is the brand and type of chipamp you talk about here.
    I am audio researching and would like to know it.

    Thanks in advance.




    Class A is hard on the tubes and inefficient. Would your transformer support push pulll? then you could use class B or class AB. Probably a lot more power ( 4 times or so )

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    As this was a first tube project I wanted to keep it simple. I also like the idea of only having three tubes. For a push-pull amplifier, not only would I have to get new transformers, but I would also have to add two more power tubes and one more preamp tube. Maybe next time.

    I think mess in the wires has lot to do with the quality of sound and cheap trafo could be next problem. If you would arrange it and separate signal line from power line, it could improve sound a lot.