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Introduction: Wine Cork Boards

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Recycle wine corks into a functional and stylish cork board. During a thorough clean of my shed that was formerly a storage unit, I discovered several bags of wine corks. Not wishing to return them to a dusty shelf, they were put to use. Cork boards were an obvious solution. They're practical, simple to make and look great.

Full written instructions:

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    I've thought about doing this myself. Does hot glue provide a good enough bond? Have you had any corks fall out over time?

    Thanks for posting the video. I was able to watch about half of it before my slow connection decided that I wasn't worth the time but what I saw inspired me to try some different patterns. I'll try it again when I have a more reliable connection.

    Some things that I do when I make these (ymmv):

    I use white glue (Elmer's) - I don't get along with my hot glue gun
    I paint the backing board flat black so it doesn't show through any gaps.
    I use a disk sander and dust collector to shape the corks.
    I use two-part epoxy on symthetic corks. I've tried white glue, hot glue, super glue and spray adhesive with poor results. Does anyone know of anything else that will work on a plastic cork?

    Thanks again!

    i'd have a lot of fun making this, especially gathering supplies, hehe

    very inpiratif gan :D

    Good use of old corks but I think I would waste more time by slicing in half it would only change for your process in my way.

    For me corks are always needed because I reuse the wine bottles and the corks after some time break due to some heavy usage xP

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    Cutting them in half is a good way to get more mileage out of the corks but heavy wine usage definitely takes priority!

    even though I'm from the world biggest cork producer and in the same time with the best quality.

    Continue your good work
    Best Regards!

    Love a wine cork, cork board. There are many different crafts and uses for wine works and I posted about this on my blog today if you check it out please leave a comment.

    Thanks! Those crochet pac man and ghosts you made look awesome btw.