A fun, funky table for all you urban folk. I live in a 13 x10 room and cramped for space is an understatement. Instead of letting my speakers  take up space and realizing those pesky wires need to be put in their place  I decided to make a table especially for them. Also, it serves as a convenient  dock for my phone (or mp3 player) when I listen to those fine tunes. An easy, (really) cheap and fun table to create.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

*I acquired all the wood used in this project from a scrap bin at my local hardware store, this is a very cost efficient way of getting rad pieces of wood. Sometimes a scrap bin can even inspire a new idea!

-- 18"x13" (or close) piece of plywood
-- 4-8" wood dowels for the legs
-- 4"x2.5" piece of plywood
-- 2 1/2" #6 wood screws
-- 70+ regular wine corks
-- 6 small corks
-- 120, 180 & 220-grit sandpaper
-- Pint of wood stain
-- Pint of polyurethane
-- Foam Brush (2 or so)
-- Cheap bristle brush
-- Wiping Cloths *Old shirts or rags work just fine
-- Wood Glue
-- 1 1/2" brad nails
-- Hammer
-- MP3 or smartphone
-- Audio Speakers
<p>i like the idea but is the table not a bit too big ? (or speakers too small )</p>

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