Picture of Wine Jug Cutting Board
10 - done sanding.jpg
As a birthday present, I made my (female) friend a cutting board with a twist - in the shape of a wine jug!  I chose the wine jug shape for two reasons:

1) It was her 21st birthday

2) The jug was the widest alcoholic container silhouette, making a good shape for a cutting board.

There are different ways to make cutting boards, but for a novice woodworker, a single piece 3/4" hardwood cutting board will suffice.  


Scotch Tape 
 3/4" maple hardwood (approx 8" wide)
 Linseed Oil


Black and Decker Jigsaw 
Ryobi Drill press
Ryobi Power sander
Sand paper (variety between 100 - 320 grits)
Rag (for applying the oil)

For a more challenging build, heres a fantastic instructable on make a cutting board using the multiple board method:


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Step 1: Finding a Template

Picture of Finding a Template
2 - template traced into birch wood.jpg
I blew up a stock image I found online (Google ftw) and printed it out on two pages, and cut it out.  Total length was about 15", and the width was 8" (same as the width of the board I used)

I found a nice, clean piece of maple in my shop, and taped the template to trace it.  After tracing, I removed the template, and clamped the board in preparation to cut it out.

Step 2: Cut it out

Picture of Cut it out
Seeing as I didn't have a Dremel or router at the time, I (very carefully) used my jig saw to cut the shape out, lightly using the moving blade to shape the more detailed parts around the handle and the cap.

For greater accuracy, a file could be used to define those curves as well.

Step 3: Drill the Handle Hole

Picture of Drill the Handle Hole
Not only does this bring an aesthetic and realistic feel to the cutting board, but this hole also allows it to be hung on the wall.

I eye-balled the center of the handle semi-circle, and drilled the hole with a 1" drill bit with my drill press.
Linda Allen4 years ago
To put your time and efforts into making a beautiful, functional item is a great gift! (I've been wanting a new cutting board, and I'd love one of these. Hey, how about making a bunch of them and letting us buy them from you?)
guyzo35 (author)  Linda Allen4 years ago
That would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't always have access to my shop, since I'm still in college, but after I graduate that's something I'd seriously consider doing
bruno130694 years ago
Reminds me of the cutting boards we made in Junior High Wood Shop. Nice work!