Introduction: (Wine O'clock) Clock

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Draw a model of your project with dimensions,.

Step 1: Find Wood

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Find a piece of wood that you are going to use

Step 2: Draw the Picture

Picture of Draw the Picture

Draw picture on paper sand cut it out, them put it i the piece of wood and trace the picture

Step 3: Cut

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Then cut the wood on the line that you trace the picture with

Step 4: Sanding

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Sand you project really good, I would suggest spending sanding it for about 30 min

Step 5: Letters

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Trace your letters I the wood to prepare for using a wood burner.

Step 6: Letters

Picture of Letters

Burn in your letters and let it cool.

Step 7: Install the Clock

Picture of Install the Clock

Drill a hole were u would like to put the clock. And install the clock carefully.

Step 8: Letter T

Picture of Letter T

Make a cork screw or buy one. I decided to make my own and made it as the letter T. it's wine o'clock


Haha, I love it! Nice job!

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