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This was a Project that I completed as a wedding present for a couple of friends of mine. What I'd like to try and do is have several steps but in a slide show fashion. My reason for this is that I want to show what I did but more so show the design without it getting too jumbled with my explanations.

Should anyone have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them.

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts

Step 2: Dry Fit

Picture of Dry Fit

Step 3: Glue Up

Picture of Glue Up

Step 4: Drawer and Secret Compartment

Picture of Drawer and Secret Compartment

Step 5: Drawer Front and Top

Picture of Drawer Front and Top

Step 6: Toner Transfer

Picture of Toner Transfer

Step 7: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

Step 8: Project Complete

Picture of Project Complete

Thanks for viewing.


telgip33 (author)2015-05-23

I'm looking for a small wine rack project for my kitchen, and this one looks good. I know you did it as slide show, but I was wondering if you had and dimensions for the project? Thanks

OutlawKtulu (author)2015-01-20

Beautiful looking project, but unfortunatly, this site is called instructables, not showoffables. I would have easily voted for this instructable if it only had instructions included.

Wood Crow (author)OutlawKtulu2015-01-20

I think I understand where you're coming from. The reason I did it this way was not to necessarily "Show off". Part of why I love this site is that I can look around and get inspired, a lot of the time the pictures are all I need for that. I know that's not the case for everyone but that's why I wanted people to ask if they had any questions about a particular aspect of the build.

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