Introduction: Wine-Stained-Cork Cross Necklace

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Wine is great.
Wine corks are... meh.

They're one of those things that you save because you think you'll do something with them eventually. But you don't. Don't lie.

Well here's your chance to actually do something!
Good for you!

Step 1: Collect Supplies

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What I used:

6 corks
a giant binder clip
xacto knife
11 eye pins (.75in)
felt scraps
super glue
7 open jump rings (6mm)

Since my brother's best friend's dad owns a winery, corks are easy to gather. If you don't have this luxury, feel free to down  6 bottles of red wine. No judgement.

I chose corks naturally and deeply stained by the red wine and ones that had an interesting wood grain .

Step 2: Cut the Cork

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Use the binder clip to hold the cork as you cut it.
This way it is steady and your fingers are out of the xacto blade's way.

Use a rocking motion with the knife to cut about .25 inches of the end of the cork off.

Repeat this until you have your 6 stained ends.

Step 3: Poke Them Holes

Picture of Poke Them Holes

Arrange your corks into the shape of a cross.

Then use tooth picks to  punch holes through the cork, as shown in the picture.
Be sure the hole is not too close to the edge and that your toothpick is going straight down, not slanted.

Step 4: Insert and Bend the Eye Pins

Picture of Insert and Bend the Eye Pins

Insert the eye pins into the holes, with the eyes on top.

Bend the ends so they are flat against the bottom.

Step 5: Back It Up!

Picture of Back It Up!

To seal the back, I used some scraps of felt.

Cut out circles in the size of the cork.

Use super glue to attach.

Step 6: Connect the Corks

Picture of Connect the Corks

With the open jump rings and pliers, thread the rings through the eye pins on the cork.

Though I like the look of the hardware, they will not actually keep the shape of a cross and will flop around.

Simply put a drop of super glue where the each of the cork meets each other. This will hold the cross shape!

Step 7: Wear It!

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String a chain through the top ring of your new pendant and boom. Done!

Go you.


horsebones (author)2012-06-10

Wow, this is really pretty.

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