Wine Bottle Jack-o-lanterns





Introduction: Wine Bottle Jack-o-lanterns

Halloween + drinking = wine bottle jack-o-lanterns!

Turn regular cheap wine bottles into some funky Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations that you can drink! Even better.

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Step 1: Materials

What you need:
  • Cheap wine. Charles Shaw is always a winner here. $2 a bottle at Trader Joe's
  • Masking tape
  • Sharpie
  • X-acto knife
  • Spray paint. Definitely need orange, green is optional.
  • Bucket
The Goo Gone is for wine bottles that have particularly sticky labels that are hard to remove. Fortunately, the Charles Shaw labels are easy to remove and it wasn't needed here.

Step 2: Ditch Those Labels

Soak the bottles in a bucket of water for a little while and then peel and scrape off the soggy mess. This only took about 10-15 minutes, I think. I actually forgot about them on my front stoop for a bit. I'm an awesome neighbor.

Step 3: Tape It Up

Break out the masking tape! Put a large working are on the front of the bottle. The "front" here being the side facing you when the seams of the bottle are pointing to the side.

Also wrap a bit of tape around the top of the bottle to avoid painting the cork and lip of the bottle.

Step 4: Draw Faces!

Use the Sharpie to draw some Halloween faces on the bottles. Have fun with this step, it's better to be loose and see what you make.

Step 5: Cut and Peel

Use the X-acto to cut the edges of the faces you just drew. Make sure to get all the way around. Then just peel away everything else, being careful not to go too fast. You may have missed a spot and don't want to go back.

If you do mess up and tear the tape, you can patch it with a bit more masking tape. That's what happened to the happy face on the right.

Step 6: Paint the Stems

Break out the green spraypaint and spray the necks of the bottles. Wait a while, at least a day, before applying some masking tape over these to protect them for the next stage. Do it too early and the tape will pull off some of the paint when it's removed.

Step 7: Paint the Bodies

Now use the orange spraypaint and apply a series of light coats with 20 minutes in between to let each coat dry.

Once you're done, let the bottles dry for at least an hour before removing any of the tape.

Step 8: Peel Off and Enjoy!

Slowly remove all of the tape and you have some wine bottle jack-o-lanterns! While these bottles are dry to the touch they may still be a little tacky and smell like spraypaint. Let them fully dry for a few days, or even a week, before putting them out or giving them to someone else. No one likes a smelly present.

Finally, don't hesitate to drink them, fearing that you'll ruin the look. They still look good even when empty.



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Questions & Answers


The paint doesn't stick to the bottle do you have any sugestions

Did you do a light coat? Make sure the glass is clean and do a very light coat of paint first. Be sure to wait for a while for it to dry and repeat the process. If you try to do it all at once it'll drip off.

Would a light sanding with rough sandpaper work to better make the paint stick along with light coats? I want to make some of these today before my daughter and grandaughter fly back home. Id like them take one with them. They are too cute and your instructions are so easy. Thanks.

Great tutorial- thank you so much!!

I just have one suggestion for those of you who don't want to spend up to 24 hours waiting to paint orange, and then mess with all of the taping.. Use a toilet paper roll!! I painted the stems green, waited 20 minutes, then set the TP roll over the stem and painted the rest orange. They came out perfectly. I attached a photo of what it looked like before peeled their faces off (creepy) so you can see how this step in the process would look like- the TP roll is in the back. I took it up another level for the final look, but it's just my personal tweak on it to make them look more "scary" - if you will. Trust me on the TP roll though. Turns this into a one night craft (but you still wait to peel the faces the next day). Meaning, you could make these as a last minute decoration if need be.. I'm throwing glow sticks in mine and lining my walkway with them. Can't wait!!

It would also be cool if you put some Christmas lights inside!

Ethanol actually works pretty well for removing wine labels too.

True, but water comes out of my faucet :)

Never Drink & Spray.
Christmas is coming, you can go on full Santa mode and paint candy cane bottles.

Nice! I'm already planning a few Xmas versions. Just might have to use that candy cane one as well. :)