Step 8: Peel off and enjoy!

Picture of Peel off and enjoy!
Slowly remove all of the tape and you have some wine bottle jack-o-lanterns! While these bottles are dry to the touch they may still be a little tacky and smell like spraypaint. Let them fully dry for a few days, or even a week, before putting them out or giving them to someone else. No one likes a smelly present.

Finally, don't hesitate to drink them, fearing that you'll ruin the look. They still look good even when empty.

cjpetit3 years ago
It would also be cool if you put some Christmas lights inside!
qbock3 years ago
The paint doesn't stick to the bottle do you have any sugestions
fungus amungus (author)  qbock3 years ago
Did you do a light coat? Make sure the glass is clean and do a very light coat of paint first. Be sure to wait for a while for it to dry and repeat the process. If you try to do it all at once it'll drip off.
jaycodrew3 years ago
if you used a light colored bottle, or a clear glass bottle; you could fill it with water and green or yellow highlighter mix which glows under a black light. I would leave the bottoms unpainted and under light a couple with a black light for an eery glow coming from the mouth and eyes
aholmes23 years ago
If you use white wine I wonder if it would look golden as if lit or of the orange behind would mess that up.... Hmmm. I may have to experiment.