Wine Bottle Lamp





Introduction: Wine Bottle Lamp

Make a wine bottle lamp to celebrate New Year.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Wine bottle x 1
Small pepper bottle x 1
Christmas light set x 1
Extension wire x 2
PVC 3/4” elbow x 7
PVC 3/4” tee x 3
PVC 3/4” cross x 2
PVC 3/4” male adapter x 2
PVC 1” coupling x 1
PVC 1” cap x 1
PVC 2”x1” bushing x 1
PVC 3/4” pipe 2” long x 11
PVC 3/4” pipe 4” long x 2
PVC 3/4” pipe 6.5” long x 1
Gate valve 3/4” TP X 1
Wire stripper / cutter
PVC cutter
Drill and bits
Measuring device
Screw driver
Electrical tape

Step 2: Working With PVC

Cut 2”x1” bushing in half, use the bottom.
At 1” to the end, drill through holes on a 4” long 3/4” pipe and saw as picture shown, get the pipe one end can be plug into wine bottle, and put it in 2”x1” bushing bottom.
Cut off 1” coupling 1/3. Drill holes and cross cut as shown in pictures. Put it on small pepper bottle.
Drill a hole on a 3/4” elbow for extension wires come out.

Step 3: Rewire Lights

Remove the ending socket of the Christmas light set and tape wires.
Cut off plug and put extension wires.
Cut off several (5-6) lights form the Christmas light set and put extension wires, these several lights will be connect to the extension wires after assembling.

Step 4: Assemble and Glue

Put Christmas lights into wine bottle and the extension wires go through PVC.
Connect and tape those several lights which cut off from light set, and put them into small pepper bottle.
Connect plug.
Assemble and glue all of the PVC together.
Now you can see beautiful lights like wine flowing down through pipe.



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    Great idea... Only thing I am going to change is swap out the PVC for copper pipe to make look a bit classier.

    Just out of curiosity, with all the wires and mini light bulbs confined into a air tight space, would it pose a fire hazard? or are you using the new led mini lights?

    1 reply

    Not led, only old style lights. I used 150 lights in it. After two hours, put hands on the bottle, only feel little warm but not too hot, the temperature is little bit higher than your hands but never feel burn. Up to now, it worked very well. By the way, I did little bit improvement to get it cheaper.


    awesome ible may have to make one myself

    Me ha gustado muchísimo, buen trabajo.
    I liked very much, good job.

    I like it! I already have lights in wine bottles, but this is much more clever than my modest idea to just put the lights into the bottle.
    I keep this somewhere in my brain.