Wine Box W/2 Glasses


Introduction: Wine Box W/2 Glasses

This is Pine, pallet, sanded, stained w/MinWax, Poly Shades, Classic Oak, satin, #370. It comes w/2 matching glasses, you can pick from what I have or take the pictured one w/it's mate. Hods 2 bottles of wine. Door will have 2 knobs or handles after final sanding is done. It's wall mount (counter sink pilot holes are drilled into back) or desk/counter stand. I can add a non-skid material to the bottom for $3.95, it's a light brown color. Comes in at just $69.95.



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    I thought about, but it would cover up some of the knots & marks. I do have a nice shade of stain, not to dark. I wonder? Maybe I'll do a test spot and get your opinion?