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This project is simple and takes about a half hour.  Some tools for construction are as follows:
- Sharp pocket knife
- Pick tool of some sort, either a small flat head screw driver (will be used to hollow out inside of cork)
- Piece of small tubing, I used an old broken tent pole cut down, you can use anything that will fit inside of the cork
- bottle of good wine and real cork (not the new rubbery corks)
- wine glass to drink the wine as you work on the project!

Step 1: Preparing the Cork

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Next we will cut 1/4" piece off the top.  This will act as the lid.  Try and make your cut as un-obtrusive as possible for when you put the lid on, you want there to be as little markings as possible.

Next push the tubing into the center of the bottom cork to make a depression that will act as our template when we begin hollowing the inside.  You may find it easier to see the depression if you mark it with a pen.

Step 2: Hollowing Out the Cork

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Now we will begin hollowing out the interior of the cork.  You may find using a drill bit by hand will get you deep enough into the cork to the use the pick.  Work your way down until you reach about an 1/8" of an inch from the bottom of the cork.  Hollow out the inside as evenly as possible as you will need to slide the tubing in to act as the inside chamber. 

Take care at this point as the cork becomes delicate the more insides are removed.

Once this has been completed, cut your tubing to fit on the interior of the cork.  Insert tubing into the interior of the cork.  Make sure it hits the bottom while still leaving an 1/8" of tubing sticking out the top.  This will act as the lip for the lid.

Step 3: Building the Lid

Picture of Building the Lid

As in step 3, make another template using the tubing on the lid that you cut in step 1.  Hollow out just a touch of the lid making sure that it fits snugly onto the tubing.

Also try and make sure that the transition from lid to cork is as seamless as possible so as to hide the fact that it is a Hidden compartment.

Step 4: Find a Wine Cork Hidden Compartment Guardian

Picture of Find a Wine Cork Hidden Compartment Guardian

Of course this hidden compartment can be used for hiding all sorts of loot.  I personally store bricks of gold bullion in mine as well as a key and a bullet.

With so much value in a small hidden compartment, you may want to find a loot guardian.

Fritz is a mean old puss and usually his eyes alone keep the contents of this cork secret!  He does a fine job when he's not sleeping or chasing squirrels.


Bully_4_You (author)2014-02-12

I see that a lot of folks are concerned that the secret hiding place cork might get thrown out. Here's a simple idea to make id safer, and to hide things in plain sight. Make a "cork board" like the crafty people used to in the 70s. You can buy kits or DIY. Make a trivet, bulleten board, wall art etc. Here is a kit for a letter, pick out your initials or whatnot. :)

frollard (author)2010-01-02

Neat writeup on a sneaky project!  

I'd be afraid to put something valuable in it because it almost seems like garbage (we usually toss our corks when they're lying around) - and your valuable/secrets could disappear.

Holmes101 (author)frollard2011-06-26

I agree with everything you said, but how about this: make several of these corks and put some valuables inside- but (duh) don't let anyone know. Then say you are collecting corks and make a huge deal about it. Then everyone in your family will understand the importance of the corks (without knowing about the valuables, of course) and they'll know that you will kill them if they throw the corks away.

frollard (author)Holmes1012011-06-26

Not bad, until a significant other who isn't in on it gets sick of the 'crap laying around' and chucks it -- lots of 'collections' disappear like that.

17hmr243 (author)frollard2011-03-24

try sticking tooth pick in it so it's little diff looking from ur normal wine corks

febert (author)2010-11-14

I see a micro geocache factory!.

abf220 (author)2010-04-08

I bet if you use a big enough bullet shell you can probably skip the hollowing out part  ,just cut out one side of the bullet and hammer it in to the cork. you can do everything else the same

conrad141 (author)2010-04-03

 you should put some kind of air pressure controlled explosive inside so when someone uses a cork screw, it explodes

typenamehere_____ (author)2010-02-25

 Would kinda suck if you tried to reuse it on unfinished wine...
Still, nice idea and project!!

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