Wine/Whiskey Rack - Pallet Wood





Introduction: Wine/Whiskey Rack - Pallet Wood

How to make a simple Wine/ Whiskey Rack using Pallet Wood.

Tools needed:
Hand saw
Screw driver
Hand plane
Clear gloss

Step 1: Selected, Broke Apart and Sorted the Pallet Wood

Selected and broke apart a couple of pallets and sorted out the pieces needed for the project.

Labeled and measured out  all the pieces as needed.

Two side pieces 2" x 4" x 12"
One base piece 2" x 4" x 19-1/2"
Four pieces is 1/2" x 3.5" x 19-1/2"

Step 2: Cut to Size and Sand

The pallet wood was cut to size and sanded as needed using 150grit sand paper.

The two side pieces were cut at an angle using a table say at a 10 degree angle and sanded.

Step 3: Staining

All the wood was then sanded again at 220 grit and then stained.

Step 4: Assembly

Once the stain dried. All the pieces was assembled using hot glue to check for fit and added strength.

Holes were drilled into the assembly and the wood pieces screwed in place.

One coat of clear gloss polyurethane was then applied to the rack.

Thats it, the whole process took about two hours.

NOTE: Pallet wood has a lot of cut nails and metal pieces in it. Use a magnet to check the wood before making any cuts.

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I make my own wine, and I would like to mention something here. Your idea is good for wine bottles that have been opened and are going to be used up quickly. Corked wine bottles should always be stored on their sides. It keeps the cork wet and keeps the cork from drying out. If a cork dries out, it can let air into the bottle, turning it to vinegar. Screw top bottles don't have that problem, but once a bottle is opened, it should be used up quickly. Preferably within 3 days maximum. Otherwise it too, will turn on you. Consider making a rack where the bottles can be laid down on their sides, with the neck lower than the base of the bottle. The corks won't dry out, and you will have good wine to drink instead of vinegar.

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Very informative, thank you.

Next build will be a wine rack to store bottles flat. Now to label this one a whiskey rack.

Don't forget the "cachaça" !! I have 3 bottles of wonderful countryside cachaça in mine! :D

What stain did u use?

What stain did u use?

This is a really cool instructable! Clear directions, straight forward and it doesn't take a long time to complete! Plus it gives me even more inspiration to use up all the extra reclaim lumber I have lying around! not to mention I love the look reclaim gives a project. Awesome Instructable! Keep them coming!

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used the general concept and scraps from making my pallet deck gate.


Made this as a father's day present from a pallet we had just laying around in the backyard. The only variation I did was I did not sand it completely as I wanted to leave some of the natural weathering and spray paint on it. I used a light minwax stain and a minwax rub on clear satin polyurethane coat. Thanks for the idea! it was nice to finally go make something with my own hands for my dad. Rather than run to the store to grab a cheap cheesy card. Plus I had lots of fun making it!!!


looks cool, thanks for sharing!

Just so you know, have heard of people having bad experiences with pallet wood. For the most part any international shipping pallets will have been fumigated to deal with any pests in the wood but you just can't say. So make sure you know where your wood is coming from! Don't want to put a downer on your reclaim but you should get it pest treated as well as stained. :-)

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Worried about chemicals, use old trees from the woods. Different look but I think it be quiet different

Yes, for your whiskey rack, I would suggest a bottle of Blanton's, Woodford Reserve, a bottle of Hirsch, and Wild Turkey Rare Breed. All very fine Bourbon whiskeys. Wild Turkey Rare Breed being my personal favorite, and at 108.2 proof, no slouch.

I made something quite similar to this for a pub where I used to work many years ago, we had a couple in each bar.

I used the remains of some beer crates & a couple of old broken firkins (nine gallon barrels) I found in the old barn at the back of the pub.

The well work timber certainly add some character to them.

I like the rustic look that the pallet wood gave it. Did you give any consideration to making it two sided, or perhaps adding a carry handle on top?

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This rack was made for wall mounting, the though of making it two sided and on a table top did not even occur to me...thats a great idea. Next one I make will be two sided, thanks.