Picture of Wing Harness Tutorial
I've seen many tutorials for making wings, but almost none for harnesses. This is how I made mine. If you have any better ideas, please comment. This still flops a bit, but it's better than how I had them before-I used to have to lean against a wall for them to stay up.  The wings are made out of duct tape and coat hanger bits. I'm not going to add a tutorial on how I made the wings because I don't have enough pictures. I made it so the wings are removable and 'button' on and off.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
~4 or more nails or tacks with large heads
~Approximately 7x9 inch (or smaller) wooden board
~Hot glue gun

Not pictured:
~Exacto knife and cutting mat
~Some sort of top to wear over is contraption^
~Camisole or other such shirt*

^It's best if it isn't too tight, stretchy, and won't wear out easily.
*The shirt needs not to be visible under whatever you are wearing and be relatively tight.

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Cut '+' signs into the wing base with your exacto knife a little bit to one side of where you want the final placement of the nails to be. Next you would extend one side of each '+'  making the button hole. The reason for the '+' is to fit the heads of the nails or tacks through. It works sort of like overall straps.

Step 3: Nailing

Picture of Nailing
Mark the position of the slots onto the board and hammer your nails in. Put the markings near the center of the board. Hot glue around the nails. Try buttoning on the wings after the glue is dry.

Step 4: Attaching

Picture of Attaching
Hot glue or staple (if you have the right materials) the wings onto the back of the camisole. The camisole is the main support for the wings, so make sure it's tight and that the straps fit.