I've seen many tutorials for making wings, but almost none for harnesses. This is how I made mine. If you have any better ideas, please comment. This still flops a bit, but it's better than how I had them before-I used to have to lean against a wall for them to stay up.  The wings are made out of duct tape and coat hanger bits. I'm not going to add a tutorial on how I made the wings because I don't have enough pictures. I made it so the wings are removable and 'button' on and off.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
~4 or more nails or tacks with large heads
~Approximately 7x9 inch (or smaller) wooden board
~Hot glue gun

Not pictured:
~Exacto knife and cutting mat
~Some sort of top to wear over is contraption^
~Camisole or other such shirt*

^It's best if it isn't too tight, stretchy, and won't wear out easily.
*The shirt needs not to be visible under whatever you are wearing and be relatively tight.

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