Picture of Wing Rib Shelf
A hanging shelf made to look like the rib of an airplane wing.
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Step 1: Design wing

Picture of Design wing
I just used Paint and hand drew a wing rib. If you wanted to get real fancy you could use a CAD program or find a NACA airfoil you like and use it.

Step 2: Print and trace

Picture of Print and trace
Print the airfoil out in banner-size, cut it out with an x-acto knife, and trace it onto your wood.

Step 3: Cut it out

Picture of Cut it out
Use a jigsaw and cut it out. Then sand it up really well, cleaning up any jagged edges.

Step 4: Drill the peg holes

Picture of Drill the peg holes
Drill the holes for the pegs, i marked the depth i wanted the holes with a sharpie on the bit and then drilled to that point.

Step 5: Time to stain

Picture of Time to stain
Hang the shelf from the ceiling with some newspaper underneath and apply your stain. I only used one coat of stain, because I liked the color after the first coat. Add the pegs (previously stained) with some wood glue while the stain is still wet on the shelf to aid in adhesion. Then apply polyurethane, I used three coats lightly sanding between each. Finally, apply some paste wax to give it a good hard finish.

Step 6: Hang on wall

Picture of Hang on wall
I attached two picture hanging brackets, used a level and hung up the shelf on my wall. I made it specifically to hold my four headsets. I hope everyone enjoys!
muddog152 years ago
my printer will not print in banner size
muddog152 years ago
could you post the print layout?
Sgt.Waffles8 years ago
Wow, i can use that to hang my....ummmm.....ummmmm..... coats? Nice instructable.
Really? That's boring, I'd hang my headphones on it too! They aren't aviation but whatever
dataphool8 years ago
Since you have four heads; you will find my comments to be a little ... common place. However, I must say that you have done an admirable job. Bravo!

... why doesn't he use the rack to hold his four hats?...
zmatt8 years ago
Nice, what kind of plane do you have or fly?
CameronSS8 years ago
That is awesomely cool! FOUR headsets? You must have a flying family! I have a friend who built his own wood airplane and is now working on a (wood) Mitchell Wing. Maybe I can get him to help me make real wing ribs. Until then, this is going on my wall!