These are fairy wings I made for my carnival costume of a moon fairy, I chose to decorate them as a butterfly kind of style but you can choose anything you want. Great for a costume but I just love wearing mine anyway, you could make butterfly wings, fairy wings you can even try dragon/bat wings in the same way. Go ahead.

Step 1: Frame

I think this is obvious: bend some wire into the shape of the wings you're imagining. Thicker wire is better, wire coat hangers are ok as long as you have pliers, and if your wire is thin like mine and you're not sure whether it will hold its shape if you walk into things ect., then feel free to use it doubled over as i did.

A way to make then symmetrical would be to draw the design on paper and bend the wire tracing the pattern, especially if you have thick wire, but i didn't bother and i was pleased with how they turned out.

Fold in any sharp edges so they're not sticking out the middle where the wings will be attached to your back, but don't worry too much if they're short because the fabric will cover them.
<p>Nice project, thanks for sharing!</p>
They have an almost luminous moon effect.
Thank you. That's great to hear considering the aim was &quot;moon fairy&quot; :)

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