You're in need of wings for...things! Like for wearing on your shoes, or your wrists, or maybe in your hair. This is an instructables on how I made some cheap-and-easy wings for my friend Oliver who wanted to go as his comic-book character, The Scout, for Halloween.

Step 1: Gather You'll Supplies

You will need:

- 2 8.5x11 craft foam sheets (get 'em at the dollar store)
- Mod Podge (or your other sealer of choice)
- Empty and clean large vinegar or milk container (or any large plastic container)
- Scissors
- Clamshell scissors (or exact-o knife and cutting board)
- Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
- White Pleather
- Weldbond (or other white glue of your choice)
- thin paintbrush
- Black Acrylic/Craft Paint

- Optional: Needle, Thread, Thimble (or sewing machine)
<p>can you tell me how did you do it please?</p>
<p>I think if you read through the whole instructables you will garner a pretty good idea of how they're made; if you still have specific questions after doing so, ask away.</p>
those shoes remind me of boots of travel (Dota thingy) ^_^
that poster of the Gorillaz is the bomb

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Bio: I'm an indie game developer who enjoys making costumes, comics and cupcakes. I like video and board games, halloween, and laser dolphins.
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