Picture of Wings for Things!
You're in need of wings for...things! Like for wearing on your shoes, or your wrists, or maybe in your hair. This is an instructables on how I made some cheap-and-easy wings for my friend Oliver who wanted to go as his comic-book character, The Scout, for Halloween.

Step 1: Gather You'll Supplies

Picture of Gather You'll Supplies
You will need:

- 2 8.5x11 craft foam sheets (get 'em at the dollar store)
- Mod Podge (or your other sealer of choice)
- Empty and clean large vinegar or milk container (or any large plastic container)
- Scissors
- Clamshell scissors (or exact-o knife and cutting board)
- Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
- White Pleather
- Weldbond (or other white glue of your choice)
- thin paintbrush
- Black Acrylic/Craft Paint

- Optional: Needle, Thread, Thimble (or sewing machine)
Lewis72061 year ago
Nice wings... Demon days poster :)
k2iran1 year ago
those shoes remind me of boots of travel (Dota thingy) ^_^
imillon1 year ago
that poster of the Gorillaz is the bomb