Winners - Autodesk Employee Halloween Contest

We ran our first Autodesk Employee Halloween Contest and received some amazing entries!  All Autodesk employees were eligible to win and neutral third parties judged.

Below are the list of winners.  You can check out all the entries here.

Winners List (in alphabetical order)

Grand Prize Winner: 
  1. Latex Wizard Mask by Scoochmaroo

First Prize Winners:
  1. Arduino-Controlled Chemical Foam Spewing Pumpkin by think tank
  2. Halloween Human Torso Appetizer by jessyratfink
  3. Magic Sandy Umbrella by Wei_TO

Second Prize Winners:
  1. Cat Breading Costume by caturdayiseveryday
  2. Coffin lid slider Halloween prop by youngti
  3. Decapitated Head Drinking Fountain by castor009
  4. DIY Xena Warrior Princess Costume by carleyy
  5. Skeleton Cupcakes by Penolopy Bulnick
  6. Spider Costume by tramle