Winter Face Cleanup




Introduction: Winter Face Cleanup

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This is how you can use your kitchen remedies for skin during winters. Our today's tutorial is all about cleaning up your face and let your skin live a life. Enjoy watching & subscribe us now...

Step 1: Cleaning

Mix Up : Lemon Juice + Honey + Turmeric Powder

Apply For 15 Minute and Wash It Off With Tap Water

Step 2: Scrub

Mix Up : Nescafe Coffee Powder + Coconut Oil

Apply It Over Face & Massage For 15 Minutes.

Clean Up With Cotton Or Tap Water

Step 3: Face Mask

Mix Up : Gram Flour / Besan + Honey + Curd

Apply For 20 Minutes & Clean Up With Tap Water



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    This sounds interesting, do you have any progress photos from when you were making the scrub and mask?