As temperatures dive below freezing for the winter and the long nights take hold, it's important to focus on some of the positive things that winter weather can bring us. Without cold weather there would be no snow, no ice, no backyard skating rinks, no sledding, no snow arches to build, and certainly no kite ice butt boarding! So, as long as it's winter time in the northern hemisphere, put on an extra layer, and head outside for some winter time fun.

Ski Bike style
This will show you one way to build yourself a Ski Bike (aka Snow Bike, Skibob, Skike, or Skicycle). It is a downhill only machine and if you like bikes a lot, then it will probably keep a stupid grin...
Make a cheap backyard ice-skating rink style
For 3 years now my family has been putting up a homemade ice rink in our backyard. The method was a very simple one only requiring a flat area, some PVC, a large plastic tarp, along with some extra to...
Quinzee Building style
Quinzees are much faster & much easier to build than igloos. We built this one just for fun, but we've also made them for sleeping in while winter camping.
Lightweight Sledge: Reclaimed style
This sledge is light, fast and durable. It costs next to nothing and is a synch to build. When it snowed I wanted to take my son sledging, but I couldn't find a sledge for love or money so I decide...
How to make an Ice/Snow Beirut Table style
Looking to throw the ultimate winter party? It won't be complete without one of these! Straight from Colgate's 18 Pine St. Winter Carnival, I'll show you how I built my wonderful ice/snow beirut tab...
How To Hot Wax A Snowboard style
It is very simple to hot wax your snowboard. You will need a hot wax iron, wax, buff pad(Green Scotchbrite Pads work well.) and scraper. You can use plastic or metal scrapers, I prefer the metal scr...
The Art of Sledding style
Anyone can put their legs through a trash bag or sit on a cafeteria tray and slide downhill. However, advanced sledding is an art. Like many other Alaskans sledding has always been my passion. Before...
Roof Snow Removal Tool style
DEVELOPMENT OF THE ROOF SNOW REMOVAL TOOL Salt Lake City, UT received over 4 feet of snow during the first 10 days in 1993. Residents were out in mass, shoveling the heavy accumulations of snow fr...
Snow Arch style
After reading about Brunelleschi's Dome, my brother and I had an goal to build an arch out of snow. It doesn't follow his stone chain method, but it is a free standing arch. Things you'll need,- Snow ...
Easy and Inexpensive Ice Rink style
I was going to build the PVC rink, but that stuff is pretty expensive, so I came up with wood design that is cheap and easy, and can even be used with a yard with a slight slope. It can be built in a...
Snow park rake style
Construction of a snow park rake for use in your back yard or in my case the new Afriski park being designed and built by members of snowboarder.co.za in Lesotho's Maluti mountains. Visit Afriski.com ...
How to Ski Jour with your Dog style
Have some fun while giving your dog some exercise-have him/her pull you on skis! This instructable will show you how.
How To Build a Snowman style
A process long shrouded in mystery, we will demonstrate the arduous task of building a snowman. It won't be an easy job, but I'll guide you through the many complex steps of bringing life to snow.