Winter Project: Glove Holder





Introduction: Winter Project: Glove Holder

Here's a simple way to keep track of your gloves without having to uncomfortably stuff your pockets.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

you're going to need:
.little springy thing.I'm not sure what they're called but I'm sure you can find one on an old sweater, jacket, or maybe even pants.
.string/ paracord/ etc.
.some type of clip or keychain.

Step 2: Prep the String

so first cut a length of cord or string long enough to fit around your wrist plus about an inch or two.depending on ur string.longer for thicker cord.

next tie a knot right in the middle..big enough that it won't slip through the plastic thing.

then you can either tie off the ends or tape them together

Step 3: Build It!

next you want to slip the plastic thing onto the cord. then attach your clip and you can secure it with tape. now the plastic thing shouldnt be able to slip off from either end

Step 4: Use It!

finally you can now slip your gloves in and tighten them up.

Step 5: Ta'da!

now you can carry you're gloves without stuffing them in your coat or pants. I decided to make a black one as well for camouflage, I hope you enjoy customizing this instructable on your own :)

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    I think that's pretty creative. It could also look really nice if you used some nice rope/string and whipped the end that attaches to the carabiner. A little macrame wouldn't hurt the look either. :-)

    P.S. The plastic thing is called a toggle!