Winter Scene Tote





Introduction: Winter Scene Tote

I wanted to keep the memories from our first winter vacation as family somewhere where I can see it all the time so I made this lovely winter scene tote! It's pretty easy so why not make one with some summer, seaside scenes as well?

Step 1: Supplies:

tote bag, photo transfer paper, black embroidery thread, white embroidery thread, embroidery needle, scissors, pencil, ruler.

Step 2:

Choose and prepare your photo for printing. Choose 'T-shirt transfer' option when printing and it will automatically make a mirror reflection of your photo. Print the photo on photo transfer paper! Following the instructions, iron the photo you printed out onto tote, so that it stands closer to one side! When it fully cools, carefully peel of the paper!

Step 3:

Using ruler draw the frame around the photo and two arows on the side.

Step 4:

Using backstich, embroider all the lines you previously had drawn.

Step 5:

Finally, using french knot techique, embroider some white 'snowflakes' directly on photo, and you are done!



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