Winter Sleeping Pad - Simple, R-10, $15, Flat, Waterproof





Introduction: Winter Sleeping Pad - Simple, R-10, $15, Flat, Waterproof


  • 30 minutes to make with experience; plan for an hour with Scouts
  • For the same warmth, you’ll spend over $100 for self-inflating or even cheap blue foam pads
  • A warmer pad means you won’t need as warm a sleeping bag

Step 1: Pad in Action

Step 2: Gather


  • Boys can teach the class, but boys first need to prove they can teach the entire class well to an ASM
  • Bring a box to for all tools to be tossed into at end
  • More tools of each you can bring, the less waiting boys will do
  • Large, flat space works best (think concrete floor)

Step 3: Calculate

Step 4: Measure

Step 5: Draw

Step 6: Cut

Step 7: Break

Step 8: Stack

Step 9: Tape

Step 10: Trim

Step 11: Tie

Step 12: Name

Step 13: Test

Step 14: Soften

Step 15: Snooze



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    This looks like it would certainly keep you insulated from the cold ground. Did you take this backpacking?

    2 replies

    Thanks for the quick reply. Its too bulky for backpacking .... good when you can pull a sled.... and great for trailer camping.

    You could make a sac for it with draw-string neck and hang it from your backpack frame. Doesn't have to go inside the backpack.