Introduction: Winter Survival: Super Shelter + All Night Long Fire

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Here we present, how to make a super shelter and build an all night long fire to survive a night in the woods during winter. Direct link to the video:


Sebas007 (author)2016-01-18

Grate job!

kereszteszsgy (author)Sebas0072016-01-18

Thank You Sebas007,

a Sigma 3 Survival instructor taught to me.

Imdieke (author)2016-01-15

What state are you winter camping in

kereszteszsgy (author)Imdieke2016-01-16

Hi Imdieke,

we are from Transylvania, and this project we tested some survival techniques. In this super shelter the temperature can be higher with 10* C than the environmental temerature.

Thejesterqueen (author)2016-01-15

The link doesn't work, just f.y.i. Thanks for posting.

Thanks, i fixed it.

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