Winter Heating Indoor Garden





Introduction: Winter Heating Indoor Garden

Good for backyard farmers that don't want their plants ruined by winter

Step 1: Get Some Wood, a Few Small Strips and One Big Plank

Step 2: Screw, or Nail Them in on Top of the Plank About and Inch Apart From Each

Step 3: Have Your Strip Lights Ready to Go

Step 4: Wire Them Through the Base of the Gaps

Step 5: Get Some Inserts to Hold It Down or Tape

Step 6: Plug It In

Step 7: Turn on to Check If Working

Step 8: Place Plants on Top

In the winter I would suggest putting it on a timer so it is getting plenty of light every day.



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    I have given this a try for starting my plants and it made a notable different in quality and speed of sprout rate compared to no heating source. The heat generated is by no means a lot, but heat rises and I found my trays, which where kept in the basement, remained warm even though the room was cooler than the rest of the house.

    As an added bonus, I used the lights while they are not out for Christmas, so I had no need to purchase anything for this project.

    I would have check I made it but I do not have the images present!

    This won't work here in the northern Midwest but I am sure it would do a great job in southern Florida.

    didn't know LEDs gave out much if any heat. Thought that they were so efficient because they generate light with little heat waste.

    They don't give off a LOT of heat, by any means, but I would think that the heat generated would likely to perfect for this application! I am going to give it a try! :)