Winterish Wreath Made of Old CDs





Introduction: Winterish Wreath Made of Old CDs

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As you might guess from my projects, I love recycling and repurposing, making everyday-stuff into something new.
I have a gazillion old CDs which I saved for "the light-bulb moment", and it came last week. Why not make a cool wreath?

I guess this wreath would look great on any office door or at your entrance if you love music.

You need:
  • 12 CDs
  • white matte spray paint
  • double-sided tape
  • nice ribbon to hang the wreath
  • deco snowflake stickers and/or ornaments
  • foil to protect your working space ;)

Step 1: Arrange Your CDs

Put one CD on a flat surface. Then group 6 CDs around it.

To state the obvious: the shiny side of the CDs should be on top ;)

Step 2: Glue the Outer CDs Together

Rip strips of your double-sided tape and connect the six outer CDs as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Add the Second Layer

Now remove the protective foil from the tape strips and, centering the CDs directly between two of the first layer, attach the second batch of 6 CDs (the final CD will be the one from the center).

Step 4: Now Comes the Fun Part - Spraying!

Be careful to cover your working space with foil. Place the wreath in the middle and put your snowflake ornaments or stickers (upside down and without removing the stickers' foil) nicely on top of your cds. Arrange the items carefully, you won't be able to change it later.

Now spray an even coat of matte white spray on top of your wreath. You might have to repeat this step one or two times until the color is opaque.

Step 5: Let Dry...

... be patient! Let the paint dry completely, then remove the ornaments and/or stickers. You'll see the shapes of your ornaments sparkle in a nice contrast to your white paint. Now turn the stickers or ornaments around and attach them to the wreath.

I chose to only attach the mirrored snowflakes, the others looked too intricate for my taste. I found some cute felt stars in my stash which I attached instead.

Step 6: Now Hang and Enjoy!

Thread a nice organza ribbon through one of the CDs' holes and hang your creation to greet any guests.

Have fun!



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    I love it! I just made mine.Thanks!

    Wreatrh 006.JPG

    i'll try this for our office xmas decor

    Very pretty! thanks for sharing!

    I just loved the idea....i will definitely do it !

    Very, very pretty.

    Nice re-purposing project. It looks great.

    You could use paper cutouts of snowflakes or other seasonal motifs. Very pretty!

    what's more interesting to me is, what's going on with that 45 rpm record near the handle area?

    1 reply

    Woohoo, you have an eye for details ;)

    Our old door handle was an ugly 70's brass block, so I decided to replace it with something personal. I mounted the record (with my dh's and my wedding waltz) on wood and screwed it to the door handle mount. That's all :D

    What a great idea. I love creative holiday decor. :D