If you grow house plants then you know how harsh winter can be for them. For most planter's plants drop dead when winter comes along. Never fear, I have a solution!

Step 1: Fixing Water Leakage and Finding the Right Spot!

You will need a warm place near windows so the plant can get sunlight. You know when you buy a cake their is a cover on the top that you take off. Find one with a generally flat top that also matches the size of your plant's pot. Flip it over and wala your water leakage problems are no more.

Step 2: Result

Depending on what plants you grow your results in the spring should look healthy like these plants. I hope this instructable was of use. If you liked it please vote for me!

<p>For keeping the plants warm - Place them near the Stove or cook top or at the rear side of refrigerator... And whenever sun shines high put them near the window..this demands carrying around the pot--But they will EVER GREEN</p>
<p>Great tips. Thanks!</p>

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