Picture of Winter's Flowery Bouquet to usher in Spring
WP_20140211_006 - Copy.jpg
Where I live Winter is in full swing, in fact as I write this it is snowing and sleeting. With Valentine's Day right around the corner this very simple craft can come in handy and if you did like me, it's completely free.

1. Flowers, shrubbery, greenery, vines, etc.
2. Scissors
3. Knife
4. Bread ties or small diameter wire
5. Zip ties and/or duct tape
6. String (sewing thread)
7. Snacks, you might get hungry in the process.
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Step 1: Preparing the base

Picture of Preparing the base
For this part your going to want something semi-sturdy because everything is going to be attached to it. Luckily for me I found a tree with budwood (new wood) with blooms on it, so I decided to use this as my base. When I was collecting my specimens I just broke them free, but when you go to assemble the bouquet your going to cut away the roughage at around a 45 degree angle, because one it looks nice and two it helps the plants absorb water easier. After cutting the end remove excess you branches you wont need or if they don't have buds. Finally lay them out in to a fan like shape and tightly tie and wrap string around the base of the fan shape to keep it secure. 

Step 2: Add some greenery behind the base

Picture of Add some greenery behind the base
At this point your going to secure some greenery (although mine is red) behind the base using the string again. Remember keep the same general fan shape and during all of the steps try and keep everything as proportional as you can. As you can see, I always set up and observe the formation before I finally tie it down. 

Step 3: Adding some greenery to the front

Picture of Adding some greenery to the front
Now add some greenery to the front of the display. Dont be afraid to trip away something, more is not always better. As you can see in the photo I removed a great deal of the stems before I was satisfied with it. Again use the same securing method as before, remember to wrap the string around the entire thing, not just the new material.