Picture of Wintersowing-Preparing 2 Litre Bottles

The following is a technique relating to Wintersowing.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Wintersowing is a method of starting seeds for your garden.
No need for complicated light setups or heat mats or any of the bother that starting seeds indoors using traditional methods is usually associated with.
No need to buy expensive seed starting flats.

You simply sow your seed in easily prepared, "found", recycled containers and set them out in the yard in the dead of winter.
They freeze, they thaw, get snowed and rained on and, come Spring, grow.
Sounds crazy but it works. Just like it does in nature.  

See http://www.Wintersown.org or the Wintersowing forums at http://www.Gardenweb.com for details on what types of seeds can be sown in this way. 

Some of the most popular containers for Wintersowing are soda bottles.

2 liter’s being the most common.
They are very easy to come by, easy to prepare and use, and being clear, are very easy to monitor for sprouting, observing growth and progress.
Sometimes you may find green colored ones and they are fine also.
The basics are the same as for any Wintersowing container.
You need to separate or open the container so you have easy access to add soil and seed.
You need to make some drainage holes in the bottom.
And you need to need some way to securely re-close the container so it can be moved about as needed for watering or to place it in some other sun exposure.
Before you do anything you will need to remove the labels.
This is a simple matter of slitting them with a knife or scissor and peeling them off.
There are other ways to prepare these bottles for use but I have found this method works very well.
Ronyon4 years ago
I am intrigued! I have been use "dearth-box" style two liter grow containers,that use soil wicking and a water reservoir, for one season now.
I transfer to larger two bucket dearth-boxes for growing, or just into the ground.
I can see combining the two two-liter techniques into one.
Thanks for the links on wintersowing,I think I have found my newest planting method!