Picture of Wintersowing Tips-Securing Milk Jugs

The following is a technique relating to Wintersowing.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Wintersowing is a method of starting seeds for your garden.
No need for complicated light setups or heat mats or any of the bother that starting seeds indoors using traditional methods is usually associated with.
No need to buy expensive seed starting flats.

You simply sow your seed in easily prepared, "found", recycled containers and set them out in the yard in the dead of winter.
They freeze, they thaw, get snowed and rained on and, come Spring, grow.
Sounds crazy but it works. Just like it does in nature.  

See or the Wintersowing forums at for details on what types of seeds can be sown in this way. 

This post deals with the issue of keeping your containers securly closed so you can move them around and water them. 

This post assumes you are familier with the concept and know how to initially prepare the milk jugs.

What I will focus on here is a specific trick I came up with to secure them.  

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Step 1: Materials-Part 1

Picture of Materials-Part 1
For this step you will need the following:

-Yarn or string (I prefer yarn as it is stretchy)

Cut a length of yarn sufficient to wrap fully around the milk jug. 

Make a large loop (roughly 6") in one end. 

Divide this looped section in half and tie another knot making a figure "8"

Step 2: Materials-Part 2

Picture of Materials-Part 2
For this step you will need the following:

-Some slats from a vinyl miniblind

Cut up the slats into about 2.5" lengths. 

Cut some of these pieces in half. 

Step 3: Assembling the "Clips"

Picture of Assembling the
Center one of the small pieces, concave sides up, on top of one of the larger pieces and staple them together in the center. 
Direct link to the Wintersown forum, as an aside, that;s the first time I've been to GW since Spike sold it.
MonteJC (author)  Tool Using Animal5 years ago

I kind of lost interest after he left also. I had a pretty good relationship with him writing a bunch of FAQ's and helping to get a couple of the forums started.

Corporate ownership changed it and there was a mass defection from the Soil Forum that kind of killed it for me. 

But it's still a great place for "conversational" type info.