Wintertime Penguin Hand Art




Introduction: Wintertime Penguin Hand Art

This cute little penguin truly is enjoying the winter wonderland! Now, you can enjoy it too with this wintry hand art design inspired by a nail art design by British nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade!

Step 1: Sketch It Out

I started out with a light sketch with my white eyeliner pencil. At this point, it looks ugly, but you will definitely love the end result as soon as I layer on the colors!

Step 2: White

Now, for the white parts, I filled in the penguin's inner part of his face, as well as his belly.

Step 3: Orange Beak

Then, I added an orange beak.

Step 4: Black

Then, I added black wings, black eyes, the black outer part of the penguin's face, and started to provide a few outlines to his body and beak. Notice that I left some part of the penguin blank; this is because I am now going to move on to painting his scarf.

Step 5: Red Scarf

I now added some red to the empty space to give the penguin his scarf!

Step 6: Winter Background

Finally, I added my winter background. First, I carefully outlined some light blue outside the penguin, then blended in some dark blue to make the winter night sky. Then, I added several dots of white all over to make the snow!

Also, I used more white to give highlights to the penguin's beak, eyes, and scarf.

Step 7: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I would love to give a big shout-out to Sophie Harris-Greenslade for providing some great inspiration that can be adapted in face and hand art, especially for the holidays!



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