I've had this problem since I started taking regular trips to work with my bike, from feburary to november. Summer is not a problem, but autumn and spring can be pretty rainy here in Hungary. And the rain is not your friend, when you're riding a bike. It get's on your everything, which I can cope with, because eventually it will dry over time, but the rain on the visor gets in your sight.

I've seen mikeasaurus' instructable with this idea, and basically i copied it, with some touch-ups and modifications.

List of things you'll need:


  • gloves (duh)
  • strong nylon thread (mine was a leftover from another project)
  • strong needle (if you're having trouble poking it through rubber then pliers, too)
  • one mildly used wiper blade (make sure that it's not completely aged)
  • an utility knife (x-acto knife/stanley knife, depending on where you live)
  • half an hour, depending on your skills in sewing


Step 1: Prepare Your Glove for Work

Make sure your glove is clean, and laying smoothly on your workbench. ;)

My glove has a factory default terrycloth piece on it's thumb, but hence it's useless (see caption), I wanted to preserve it's function. After all, it's still good for smearing bugs all over the visor.

<p> I figured it'd be easier just to make 2 slots in the wiper rubber and velcro to the index finger, although cutting the slots probably took the same time as it would've to sew.</p><p>Cool idea.</p>
thanks!<br>yours is pretty cool too, though i'd constantly fidget with it, afraid of rotating around my index finger. and if it's too tight, my finger will get numb. just my thoughts.

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