Picture of Wire Basket for a Hanging Plant
This hanging plant basket belongs to a friend. She got a deal on the part painted black. The unpainted part nearer to the camera is essential and was missing. I was asked to make the missing part. I looked on-line, but could not find the missing portion for sale.
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Step 1: The first rib

Picture of The first rib
At the time I did this project I gave no thought to making an Instructable of it, so I am showing photos of the finished project and describing the steps I used.

The first step was to make a semi-circle from 1/8 inch rod. (red arrow) I scribed an arc onto a piece of scrap plywood and sawed it to make a bending form. I intentionally made the arc with a radius smaller than the final arc because I knew the steel would spring back. I should have made the radius about half or two-thirds the final desired radius because it sprang back considerably, and I had to finish forming the arc by hand.

The original black portion of the plant hanger is coated with a rubberized covering. I had to file through it to get to some bare metal for welding. I clamped the rod arc in place and welded it with a flux core wire feed welder. Flux core wire can dig through dirt and contamination a MIG welder cannot.

Step 2: Anchor piece

Picture of Anchor piece
I decided to use a steel wire for most of the ribs in the hanger. But, I would need to anchor them. I made a semi-circle of 1/8 inch rod with a radius of about 3/4 inch by wrapping it around a piece of pipe. See the red arrow. I used an "L" shaped piece of aluminum more than a foot long to clamp this semi-circle in place for welding.

Step 3: Add a solid rib

Picture of Add a solid rib
Make a piece of 1/8 inch steel rod with an arc the same diameter as the arc in step 1. Weld it between the arc on the black rubberized original part of the structure and the anchor from the last step. See the red arrow.
Ninzerbean3 years ago
That is way nicer than what it could ever have looked like before. Thanks for sharing.
Phil B (author)  Ninzerbean3 years ago
Thank you. I am not a gardener. I hoped it will satisfy the needs of a person who loves plants.