Introduction: Wire Beaded Cuff

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Wire Beaded cuff is really simple to make. I made this in 10 minutes.

I am glad how this turned out. Hope you ll like it. Thanks.

Step 1: Materials Required

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16 - 18 gauge Copper wire

Acrylic beads - different patterns

Wire cutter

Round nose plier

Flat nose pliercylinde

4 to 5 diameter cylindrical thing ( I used axe body perfume)

Step 2: Method

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Cut desired length of copper wire with wire cutter. I cut off about two and half loops of wire. You can also cut 2 complete loops, If you want smaller cuff.

Use round nose pliers to bend one end into a loop.

Now decide on the design of the statement beads. I choose smaller beads on both the ends, larger beads on the middle.

slide smaller beads onto the wire and add according to the design.

Make a loop on other side to hold all the beads in place.

Take cylindrical object, roll the beaded wire over the object to obtain cuff shape.

Its done!

Step 3: Beaded Cuff

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Now your bracelet is ready to wear.


Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2015-04-07

Thats a real cute bracelet Bhawya :)

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