Picture of Wire-Beads Infinity Ring
this ring is really very very simple and easy to make
for making it we need
-Thin wire

cut thin wire in 2 pieces 1 approx- 6 inches and other 5 inches long

Step 1:

Picture of
take 6 inches long wire and put 13 beads into it (if your fingers are thin you can put 11 or 9 beads)
then put another colored bead
then pass other end of wire through that another colored bead, this will create a loop
pull wire tightly so that loop becomes firm and tight
wklamb3 months ago

We did the ring in Pink to honor Breast Cancer Awareness.

Pretty! I love the colors!

Cute! Love the infinity symbol :)

prachilele (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

thank u :)