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Introduction: Wire Bicycle

While designing for CapitalVéloFest.ca, a bike festival organizer in Ottawa, I needed a prop that closely resembled the wire bike in their logo. So where do we go when we need a custom prop for the next days photo shoot? The hardware store of course.

Step 1: Step 1: Tequila an IPad and a Spool of Wire.

First I youtubed wire bicycle making. There are a surprising amount of people who can whip these out at breakneck speed. I found a video that was slow enough to give me the general idea, then I modded it to look more like my logo. Thank you Angel, you were a great help.

The tequila bottle just happened to be the right size for my wheels but I suppose any minibar bottle would do. ;)

Step 2: Step 2: Tinker Tuck and Pull

Angel's bike had fenders and other details that I didn't need so I used the fenders to make a fork by twisting the wire with some needle nose pliers. Once you get the front and back wheels done you'll begin to realize that this really isn't that hard. I tinkered, tucked and pulled the wire until I was happy with the result. Now I am fairly confident in my new wire bending skills. These instructions may not be the most thorough but give it a try, you'll see that it's easier that you think.

Step 3: Tada!!!



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That's a nice little bicycle sculpture. Very well done!