for this you will need:
26 gauge dead soft wire
wire cutters
a frame for your dreamcatcher ( I'm using a 4" stainless steel welded ring)
a jump ring for the center
beads... embelishments

Step 1: Start Out

by cutting 8 12" pieces of wire.
take a wire and fold it in half
thread it through the frame
wrap it around twice
and twist 2-3 times
repeat for all 8 wires
<p>How much wire does this take?</p>
great instructable. I have broken ankle so salvaging wire from old PC power supplies and making this helps time be less boring.
What size beads did you use on the wire part?
2mm round
That's so pretty!
Thank you. You should see it as I add the embellishments. I'm even a little amazed at how it's turning out.
Oh, that is so beautiful! I love how it turned out. Was it difficult to manage all of those wires?
Thank you. <br>All The wires were tricky at first. There's actually a step that I left out because i thought it would really confusing to explain. But I'll try.<br><br>So as you finish each twist pull the wires through to the other side so they are out of the way, and when you're finished with the row flip it over to start the next side.<br><br>

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