Picture of Wire Elf Ear Cuff
14, 16:13.jpg
14, 16:13.jpg
Hey everyone it's momo and I've missed you guys so much, I think I'll come in with a bang! This is pretty much a statement article of jewelry. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Have fun!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1- 28 gauge wire.
2- 16 gauge wire (no bigger!!!)
3- pliers
4- round nose pliers
5- wire cutters
6- small beads (not shown)
jcole241 year ago

THANK YOU! I've been looking for a tutorial like this for quite a while. All I could find were things like "How to apply synthetic elf ears" or "How to make your own elf ears" (I checked that one out, but it was about how to CUT YOUR EARS and medical tape them together so they heal into elf shaped ears!) I believe this will turn out much better than my last attempt.

Good Job - I really like this.