Step 1: Collect Materials And Consider Your Needs

This pannier uses wire mesh with 5 cm square openings. It is easy to fold and when it is cut to leave a length of wire, this length can be twisted tightly with pliers to form a secure join against another piece of wire.


<p>It's good to see another use for wire mesh. That stuff can go toward a lot of things industrially and when it is done being used there it can be recycled and turned into whatever you want. I must admit that I didn't know what a pannier was until I clicked on the link. Thanks for this useful instructable. https://midwesternind.com/wire-cloth-screens/</p>
Awesome! I've been trying to make these, but just couldn't visualize how to attach them to my bike. Your tips are great! Using a piece of wood to bend it is genius! Thanks!

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