Wire Heart Bookmark Clips





Introduction: Wire Heart Bookmark Clips

These fast and simple wire hearts can be used for paper clips or bookmarks and only require a few simple materials: 28 gauge wire, 20 gauge wire, and jewelry pliers. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

20 gauge silver or gold wire

28 gauge silver or gold wire

jewelry pliers

Step 2: First Half of the Heart

Make a loop at the end of your 20 gauge wire on your needle nose pliers. Then shape wire around a pen to get half a heart.

Step 3: Middle Loop

Wrap wire around a pencil to get the middle loop in the picture.

Step 4: Second Half of Heart

Shape wire around the same pen you used in Step 2 to get the other half of the heart. Cut wire wire a little longer than the other side of the heart.

Step 5: Second Loop

Make loop at the end of the wire on your needle nose pliers so that it matches up with the other side of the heart.

Step 6: Attach Both Loops

Using 28 gauge wire, wrap around inside both loops to bind them together. Now your wire bookmark is finished!



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    And when you aren't using it as a necklace, it can double as a bracelet charm.