Wire Jewelry for Play





Introduction: Wire Jewelry for Play

My kids love making these bits of jewelry-- they often feature in treasure hunts or gifts for friends.

Step 1: Materials

Here is everything you need:

  • Pretty ribbon
  • copper or brass wire
  • "Gems" --can be pebbles or semiprecious stones for a more grown-up look. These plasic ones I bought at our local craft store in a batch of 200.
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

Step 2: Choose a Gem and Wrap Wire Around It...

It can be simple or fancy, I tend to tell my kids to think about wrapping a present.

Step 3: Finish the Amulet by Making a Hanger or Loop on It...

Loops can be parallel or perpendicular to the gem... it just depends on how you want the jewel to hang on the ribbon. I have come to favor a perpendicular loop, which is the option not shown here :>. Clip of the long ends of the wire and tuck the ends in so they don't snag on something.

Step 4: Add a Ribbon With a Neat Knot

Loop a bit of pretty ribbon to the amulet.

I have pictured my favorite knot here, which has the advantage of being adjustable. Here is an 'ible about tying this knot...

Step 5: Improvise and Post

We have made tree ornaments, wands, crowns and ninjago accessories with this method. Have fun!



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