Picture of Wire Mustache Man Ear Cuff
Hey everyone it's momo and today I'll show y'all how to make a funny ear cuff that is super awesome and fun to wear. Take a look...
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1- 28 gauge wire
2- scissors
3- round nose pliers
4- glue
5- google eyes
6- tape
7- black or gray felt
8- bright color felt

Step 2: Head

Picture of Head
Cut out a small oval/circle out of the felt.

Step 3: Mustache And Eyes

Picture of Mustache And Eyes
Now glue the eyes together onto the felt and cut a mustache out of the black or grey felt.

Step 4: Top Hat

Picture of Top Hat
14, 0:50.jpg
14, 0:50.jpg
To make the top hat your going to need to cut out a 'inverted' (I guess) rectangle. Then cut out an oval. Glue them to each other and glue onto the felt head.

Step 5: Body

Picture of Body
To start the body, just take your wire, bend it in half and swirl it (sorry it's a bad pic)

Step 6: Hands

Picture of Hands
Make a little 'hand' with the round nose pliers.

Step 7: Arm

Picture of Arm
Then swirl it again to make the arm

Step 8: Other Arm

Picture of Other Arm
Repeat the same thing on the other side, except with the other half of the wire.

Step 9: Knees And Legs

Picture of Knees And Legs
14, 0:50.jpg
14, 0:50.jpg
Now take the 2 pieces if wire and bend them at 90 degrees. And repeat the same process you did for the arms

Step 10: Curve The Body

Picture of Curve The Body
Make the body round so it fits on your ear. Do this by wrapping it like around a pen or something

Step 11: Head Attachment

Picture of Head Attachment
14, 0:50.jpg
Now take the adorable head and cover the wire in glue. Then attach the head delicately and put the piece of tape right over it. Press hard

Step 12: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
14, 0:50.jpg
14, 0:50.jpg
14, 0:50.jpg
Thank you everyone for reading have a mythical good day and if you haven't already, follow, become a member of the farm family and give a cow it's wings. Love y'all •_£
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Haha that's super cute!