Step 1.

Gather materials (You will need)

1. Malleable Wire

2. Pliers (To bend wire)

3. Wire cutters

4. Steal wool

5. Dowel rod (To shape the wring)

6. A thin peace of paper (To measure around finger)

7. A bead (optional)

Step 1: Wire Ring: Step One

Get Malleable wire.

Straighten wire out.

Step 2: Wire Ring: Step 2

Cut the wire with wire cutters at about 11 cm.

Step 3: Wire Ring: Step 3

Measure wire to size needed.

Step 4: Wire Ring: Step 4

Take the steal wool and shine ring (wire). 

Step 5: Final Wire Ring

There you have the final product.
<p>Yeah, those are pretty.</p>
<p>Cute :)</p>

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