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smokeypwns (author)2011-09-03

it looks good painted black

Lily Baldwin (author)2011-06-26

Very simple and elegant! Great pic you posted.. looks like it was shot by a pro photographer...

jakebaldwin (author)Lily Baldwin2011-06-27

You commented twice. :D

Lily Baldwin (author)jakebaldwin2011-06-28

Yes... it is so awesome that it got TWO COMMENTS!! RAWR!

Scott_Tx (author)2011-06-25

there's a wire scorpion around here somewhere too I recall

jakebaldwin (author)Scott_Tx2011-06-25

Ooof, that's amazing... Much, much more complicated than this, and it's beautiful. Good find.

aaronheller (author)2011-06-25

Nice work. Simple yet awesome!

jakebaldwin (author)aaronheller2011-06-25

Why thank-a-yoo

legoturtle92 (author)2011-06-25

Lol as soon as I saw this it reminded me of Skinny.

Lily Baldwin (author)2011-06-24

Amazing! I checked out your other work too.... I <3 IT!!!! Awesome work!

ChrysN (author)2011-06-24

Nicely done!

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