Wire Stripping Jig





Introduction: Wire Stripping Jig

Table (plywood sheet and saw horses)
Two boards approximately 4'
1900 box (2)
Razor knife

Step 1: Wire Stripping

This is an easy way to strip long lengths of copper wire. Sorry for the lack of photos. Its pretty self explanatory.

Step 2:

Get a table at a workable height. Screw a 1x4 or something similar to it, get your wire next to it. Then sandwich the wire between another board. Use something on top the boards to prevent the wire from coming up. I used a metal 1900 box for this because it was handy. Get a razor knife and penetrate the insulation. Get someone to pull the wire as you dig the knife into the wire. It also helps if someone feeds the wire from the other end.



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    2 Discussions

    1900…? You wouldn't happen to be from the St. Louis area, would you?

    1 reply

    1900 was the catalog number for a 4"x4" metal electrical box back in the day. it is still the common name for those boxes in the construction trades. I am from Minnesota and it is very common