Wire Tree "Rusty Fruit"





Introduction: Wire Tree "Rusty Fruit"

I made this little thing out of some tangled welding wire, some nuts, and a nickel. I found the little tangled pile of welding wire, and decided that it didn't deserve to be thrown away, it had so many alternative uses...   After I untangled it, I twisted the wire into the shape of the trunk and branches. I made a small bend on the end of each 'branch' to keep the nuts from sliding off. I fit the 'trunk' into a large nut, flooded it with hot glue, then stuck a nickel to the bottom to keep it balanced.



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    Really nice, it  would be even better if it was rusty...

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    It's just a name. All "artists" name their work. And "Galvanized Fruit" just didn't fit.

    No, I'm serious. It would look better rusty. Especially  since trees have bark and rust looks kind of similar...


    Then you should make one. There's an entire 'ible of it.

    Hehe, I probably will...

    and I'll have to add step 9: Dunk your newly made tree in a bucket of water.... 

    AWESOME "found art" sculpture.  I especially like the hidden nickel.