I made this little thing out of some tangled welding wire, some nuts, and a nickel. I found the little tangled pile of welding wire, and decided that it didn't deserve to be thrown away, it had so many alternative uses...   After I untangled it, I twisted the wire into the shape of the trunk and branches. I made a small bend on the end of each 'branch' to keep the nuts from sliding off. I fit the 'trunk' into a large nut, flooded it with hot glue, then stuck a nickel to the bottom to keep it balanced.
Really nice, it  would be even better if it was rusty...
It's just a name. All &quot;artists&quot; name their work. And &quot;Galvanized Fruit&quot; just didn't fit.<br />
No, I'm serious. It would look better rusty. Especially &nbsp;since trees have bark and rust looks kind of similar...<br /> <br /> ...idk.&nbsp;
Then <em>you </em>should make one. There's an entire <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Tree-from-Jewelry-Wire/" rel="nofollow">'ible</a> of it.<br />
Hehe, I probably will...<br /> <br /> and I'll have to add step 9: <strong>Dunk your newly made tree in a bucket of water</strong>....&nbsp;
Dude, just leave the person to his art
AWESOME &quot;found art&quot; sculpture.&nbsp; I especially like the hidden nickel.<br />

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