This will show you how to make a beautiful work of art in less than an hour. Almost free to make, this is a great gift idea, or make one for your self.
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Step 1: What You Will Need

All of these Items are either really cheap, or FREE!!!

Wire (I used steel wire I found the other day, but any bare wire works)
Needlenose Pliers

Optional Items

Base to mount on (I used a rock)
Gloves (recommended on heavier guage wire)
Decorations (and adhesive of some kind if needed)

Step 4: Group and Start to Form

Well, I'm out of wire, so I guess I'm done... I got 21 pieces cut from that ball, not bad. For thicker wire, gloves gome in handy for this. grab the wire up in a bunch and literally twist the center a few times. You will get an uneven spiral. This will be the trunk of the tree.

Step 5: Forming the Branches

after you have the tree twisted in the center. start splitting up the wires. it's easiest to split into 2 large branches but you can literally do it however you want to. Take your groupings of wire and twist them in a similar fashion to what you did for the trunk.
jonathan.barreto.7121 made it!7 months ago

love it! Ive been making them for a few years now and the posibilities are endless!

LucilleMarie made it!9 months ago

this is my Second tree. I cut the wires shorter so I had more wires ans so a thicker tree. A bit tougher to twist the wire

Hi. How many yards of copper wire do I need for one tree?
Hi. How many yards of copper wire do I need for one tree?
folklife2 years ago
I used scrap copper stranded wire- removed the rubber covering, and started twisting like you said. I also soldered some sections to hold in place. Fab idea!
SunshineGrl4 years ago
Do u think itd look as fabulous in copper wire?
poi_pai (author)  SunshineGrl4 years ago
Especially if the copper goes green over time, that'd be gorgeous!
andi4565 years ago
My grandpa made one of these, but he polished amethyst and glued it to the branches as leaves. It is very cool.
poi_pai (author)  andi4565 years ago
That sounds gorgeous, I might have to try that, I have some citrine that would work.
doubletake5 years ago
Do you think this would work using wire hangers?
poi_pai (author)  doubletake5 years ago
I don't see why not, might be kinda cool with all the different colored ones!
shelbabyrn6 years ago
What is the best gauge wire to use and any suggestions on where to find colored craft wire?
paint it your self
poi_pai (author)  bombmaker26 years ago
That'll work, like spray paint the finished piece?
poi_pai (author)  shelbabyrn6 years ago
I'd say jewelry supply stores, or craft shops, I've got a place called Hobby Lobby near me that sells a 22 gauge wire that works well for more intricate, the last wire I bought there in colors was forest green and blood orange red! Nifty stuff, but a little pricey.
KreaKatri6 years ago
Great instructable :) I think I'm gonna make it with wires with same widths, but different colors(Goldish, silverish and one that changes colors a bit like gasoline in water, only darker)
soullight6 years ago
I am new to this hoby and was wondering if any one knows where I can buy 1mm un-holed gem chips.
poi_pai (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. I've done them with wire as thin as 22 guage, and you're right, you can get incredibly detailed. Those ones were copper on gold veined quartz, and sold quite well to offices around town. :)
poi_pai, this looks SO cool!! What a great instructable! I wonder if you could use different gauges of wire in the same tree to get more detail; smaller branches, twigs, etc. I love this and will try it; it looks great!
Nice instructable :-)

I use this method for the structure of my sculptures, which I then build up with plaster and paper mache. Here's a little vid of one of mine ;-)

guyfrom7up7 years ago
I started working on a project similar to this ( I started about a week ago, so it should still be original) except I take it like 5 steps furthur
spool7 years ago
If you use copper wire and coat it with liquid latex you get this really cool wood look. The latex reacts with the copper and it turns brown. I used to make trees like this for architectural models. From there you can get some fake foliage. It comes in a bunch of shades of green and brown. Its kind of a powdery lightweight foam. You can probably get it an a craft or scale model store. Anyway, just coat the branches in a glue that dries clear and roll it around in the foliage. Then build up coats of it with different colors. I've made hundreds of them at a time, although they were much smaller than the one in this instructable. You make up all the wire, mount them to a block of foam and dip them all at once in the latex. Then build up coats. Same thing with the leaves.
poi_pai (author)  spool7 years ago
I'll have to try that. Are you talking about liquid latex like the makeup?
spool poi_pai7 years ago
yes like special effects make-up latex
John Smith7 years ago
That looks pretty cool. If you used solid core insulated wire (or even magnet wire) you could wire it up, using mini LEDs for fruit, and stuff.
poi_pai (author)  John Smith7 years ago
That would be really cool, especially with the holidas around the corner, some red and green LEDs, a couple resistors, and bam!