Wire Tree of Life





Introduction: Wire Tree of Life

A wire tree of life.

Step 1: Materials

Also thinner wire that the thick wire 
and a Soldering gun.

Step 2: Making the Circle

Step 3: Making the Tree

Now to make the tree inside the circle.
Cut 12 wires (thinner) with a length of 12"

Step 4: Your Done!



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    This is beautiful. Going to try to make one.

    Hey, can you tell me what gauge wire you used ?

    What sort of wire is used for the base and the tree?

    its just copper wire

    The finished product is beautiful, with nice, flowing lines. The clear pictures of each step make the directions easy to follow. It's now on my to-do list and you got my vote..

    Thank you for your comment and your vote. The vote means a lot to me.

    This is really beautiful. Very well described. I have a ton of beads and wear very little jewelry. This is a great use of my beads. Thanks for the tutorial. It has been added to my To Try list.

    (BTW in the instructions I think you meant to write 12" (inch) not 12' (feet)

    "Cut 12 wires (thinner) with a length of 12' "

    Oh haha thanks for the comment and thanks for pointing that out.